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Notes for operation and use of LED display screen

At present, with the development of China's led display industry, the led display in the streets and lanes of major cities gradually increased. People consumption level is also growing, LED lighting has gradually been applied to the family's daily life, LED display not only promoted the city's image, enrich the cultural life of people, also can reflect the development of LED industry in this aspect is so fast, we enjoy the LED electronic screen to bring economic benefits at the same time, some businesses have LED display has not fully understand LED electronic screen to operate and use the matters needing attention, to lead to shorten the life of LED display. Here, the operation and use of LED display notes, to ensure that the LED display system safe and normal operation!
I. matters needing attention:
1. Switch sequence:
When the screen is opened: turn on the machine first and then open the screen.
When turning off the screen: first turn off the screen, then shut down
(turning off the computer screen first will result in high highlights on the screen body, burning the lamp tube and causing serious consequences.)
2. The time interval of switch screen should be more than 5 minutes;
3. The screen can only be switched on after the computer enters the engineering control software.
4. Avoid opening the screen under the condition of full white screen, because the impulse current of the system is the maximum at this time.
5. Avoid opening the screen when it is out of control, because the impulse current of the system is the maximum at this time.
6. When the environment temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is not good, should pay attention not to open the screen for a long time.
7. When a line of very bright light appears in part of the electronic display screen, the screen should be turned off in time. In this state, the screen should not be opened for a long time.
8. If the power switch on the display screen often trips, please check the screen or replace the power switch in time.
9. Check the fastness of the joint regularly. If there is a loose phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforcement or update the lifting parts.
10. According to the large screen display screen, control part of the environment, to avoid insect bites, when necessary should be placed rodenticide.
Ii. Matters needing attention for the change of the control part
1. Computer, control part of the power line zero, fire can not be reverse connection, should be in strict accordance with the original position plug. If there are peripherals, after the connection is completed, the chassis should be tested for electrification.
2. When moving the computer and other control equipment, the connection line and control board should be checked for looseness before power on.
3. The position and length of communication line and flat connection line cannot be changed at will.
4. After moving, if short circuit, trip, burning, smoke and other abnormal appearance is found, should not be repeated power test, should promptly find the problem.
Iii. Precautions for software operation and use
1 software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation program, database, etc., it is recommended to use the "one-button restore" software, easy to operate.
2. Proficient in installation method, original data recovery and backup.
Master the setting of control parameters and the modification of basic data presetting
4 proficient in using programs, operations and editing.
Check viruses regularly and delete irrelevant data
6. Non - staff, do not operate the software system.
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