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What are the advantages of outdoor LED displays

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, major brand companies have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising. The relatively old outdoor advertising models (such as single-column advertising, light box advertising, bridge advertising, three-sided advertising, etc.) no longer meet the needs of users, and the traditional outdoor advertising has caused visual fatigue. Outdoor advertisers have to follow the pace of technology, so the outdoor LED display advertising!

Advantages of outdoor LED display:

1. Advertising form

Traditional advertising forms can only be illustrated by pictures and text, and lack of creativity, easy to forget; However, LED displays usually set up public places and traffic arteries with a large number of people, and attract the active attention and a wider range of viewers through intuitive, vivid and vivid advertising, which is more mandatory to watch than traditional media.

2. Advertising content

Traditional advertising form content is limited, can not fully express the content of advertising; LED display advertising, operators and publishers can update LED display advertising content at any time, only need to operate and control the computer, the update process is not limited by other external conditions.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

Traditional advertising is bad for the environment. And used to play advertising LED display energy saving and environmental protection, all-weather work, fully adapt to all kinds of outdoor bad environment, with anticorrosive, waterproof, moisture proof, lightning proof, seismic overall performance, cost-effective, good display performance and other characteristics.

4. Release information

Every time the information of traditional advertisement is released, the whole advertisement must be redesigned and replaced. But the LED display manufacturers only need to connect the advertisement with the computer through the data line or wireless communication, as long as the simple setting in the computer, it can be used to publish the advertisement content, which is convenient and fast.
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